AFK Arena codes for diamonds, gold and Hero Scrolls (September 2022)

I'll briefly explain how to redeem AFK Arena codes in case you haven't done so before or if you're not familiar with the new redemption method and you can pick some that we have on the list to test it out.

Aren't the most ideal things in life free? Indeed, why not introduce that pleasantness to your number one versatile game, by grabbing one of the AFK Arena codes beneath. These alphanumerical combinations give you a wide assortment of free stuff in-game, allowing you to progress simply that tad quicker without spending a dime. The greatest aspect? We regularly scour the internet for new codes, so in the event that you bookmark this page and return frequently, you won't ever pass up a major opportunity.

On the off chance that you haven't played it before, AFK Arena is one of the most incredible gacha RPGs out there. It's entirely inactive, with the huge number of battle groupings playing out consequently. You need to pick the best group however, and ensure that they're exceptional for the difficulties ahead. Those are various too, with a wide assortment of PVE and PVP experiences to fight through.

Latest working AFK Arena codes

  • ntbdc2j4yj5x Large Crates of Hero XP (8 hours), 10x Common Hero ScrollS, 5x Large Crates of Gold (8 hours), 5x Hero's Essence ChestS (8 hours) (New!)
  • zzt0318 - 5x 8h Dust Chest, 5x 8h EXP Chest, 5x 8h Gold Chest, 500x Diamonds, 1x Eorin Profile Badge 
  • HAPPY333 - 2000 Diamonds, 10x Stargazer Scrolls, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 10x Faction Scrolls 
  • Brutus2022 - 300x Diamonds, 300,000 Gold 
  • afk888 - 300 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, 100 Hero's Essence
  • NISHUNEN - 10x Stargazers, 2000x Diamonds, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 10x Faction Scrolls
  • misevj66yi - 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, and five Common Hero Scrolls
  • ithg8qup87 - 10 Time Emblems
  • uf4shqjngq - 30 Common Hero Scrolls
  • Talene2022 - 300 Diamonds, 200k Gold

Expired codes

  • k9k8wjc438
  • lorddreaf 
  • jrz8r5xe5c
  • j54umuazyy
  • zq9vrhx83e
  • zbyfikwsit
  • kayd7grgvi
  • i43a5pk3jw
  • i4hhzxxvj7
  • i4musq8dr6 
  • jinsuo666 
  • iybkiwausg 
  • j5mjxtdpia 
  • zq6apizmr6 
  • yazyax56rz 
  • y9khdntp3v
  • happy2022 
  • wfmh5n68wt
  • 1fanfengshun 
  • 228j636fs9 
  • 26dnuiw8s4 
  • 2gq55jii87 
  • 2longtengfei 
  • 4rytg4u2q6 
  • 576w235suw 
  • 65tdenbmtw
  • 6u226crhtp
  • happybday0409
  • 6wgh9ung66 
  • y9ijrcnfsw 
  • y9ntv77jvf 
  • ufxsqraif5 
  • u3gpi6heu6 
  • afklaunch 
  • BestRPG4BusyU 
  • liuyan888 
  • persona5 
  • pqgeimc6da
  • tt9wazfsbp
  • tvb5zkyt47 
  • u9rfs27rd9 
  • liuyan233
  • vdgf3ak6fc
  • uffqqmgtxd
  • vm894xsucf
  • AFKelijah
  • ayqcttC36x
  • happy2021 

How to redeem AFK Arena codes

Since the old method of redeeming has changed, I'll give you a quick guide on how to redeem the codes in AFK Arena using the new method. And no, you can't keep claiming them by simply opening a menu in-game. Now it's slightly more complicated than that (not rocket science though!).

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