Coin Master Cards for Chests: Free Spins and Joker Card

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Coin Master Cards for Chests. What is better compared to get your unique chests for free? this implies free spins, free xp, free pet food and free cards. Furthermore, as the most astonishing reward: you get an opportunity of getting your next Joker Card. Yet, how are these astounding prizes Free? Since you just need to exchange your copy cards this will not cost you anything. In this post I disclose to you all that you need to realize when and how to exchange your copy cards for new astonishing prizes.

Trade duplicate cards for chests

All copy cards you get from chests are put something aside for you. You consider them to be the quantity of additional cards in your card assortment. Obviously you can exchange these cards with companions of part with them. Yet, a superior method to spend these is to exchange them. Every one of your copy cards has a worth in stars. The aggregate sum of stars your cards have is the quantity of stars you can use to purchase chests. Every chest has an alternate worth in stars you need to pay. In the event that you get over the limit you can purchase another chests.

Different types of chests from cards

You can exchange your cards for three distinct kinds of chests. The most affordable chest is the Emerald Chest. This chest will cost you 75 stars. The subsequent chest is the Sapphire chest. This chest costs you 750 stars. The best chest you can purchase is the Ruby chest. However, this chest costs you 3000 stars. In the table underneath you discover the prizes per chest. The numbers can change a bit because of the town in Coin Master you are on.

Time between trades

After you have exchanged cards for chests you need to stand by a specific period to exchange once more. For an Emerald chest this period is 24 hours, for the Sapphire chest this period is 3 days and for the Ruby chest this period is even 7 days. You can avoid this period by paying with coins. Obviously the Emerald chest is the least expensive with just 200 million coins. The Sapphire chest will cost you 500 million coins and the Ruby chest 800 million. After you pay this you can exchange your cards once more.

When do you exchange your cards for chests

It looks extremely appealing to exchange your cards for chests when you have sufficient extra cards to exchange. In any case, this isn't in every case valid. Since you can play in various levels you would prefer not to exchange if your spin stock is now in higher levels. Exchanging cards will make your missions much harder. Likewise it is a decent arrangement to utilize your cards for chests on the off chance that you have utilized a bigger number of spins on a mission than you had arranged (or in any event, when you have utilized them all ;- ).

Have you exchanged your copy cards?

Did you exchange your copy cards for chests? Did the prizes fulfill you? If it's not too much trouble, let me know your encounters in the remarks. On the off chance that you need Free Spins, by the manner in which look at our every day Free Spins links.

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