Coin master Attack Madness Wild Woman Event And Pink Diamond Tournament.

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Events in coin master are vital. taking part in an event can concede you coin master free spins and coins. Coin master declared with regards to the impending three events Attack franticness wild lady event. pink jewel competition and card blast event

Coin Master Attack Madness Wild Woman Event.

Attack madness wild lady event is initiated for 74 Hours. you need to attack different villages however much you can to guarantee your prizes. you will acquire 55 Spins on each attack. bet higher to acquire spikes.

Attack Madness Wild Woman Event Rewards List.

Attack Points. Rewards.
1 Attack points 55 Spins
2 Attack points 300M Coins
3 Attack points 400M Coins
6 Attack points 160 Spins
8 Attack points 850M Coins
2 Attack points 3K XP
12 Attack points 1.5B coins
20 Attack points 300 Spins
12 Attack points 6K XP
12 Attack points 2B Coins
40 Attack points 525 Spins
30 Attack points 5.2B Coins
90 Attack points 1300 Spins
40 Attack points 6.7B Coins
200 Attack points 2.6K Spins
100 Attack points 16B Coins
600 Attack points 8K Spins
200 Attack points 34B Coins
1000 Attack points 14K Spins
400 Attack points 600K XP
1200 Attack points 15K Spins
800 Attack points 1.2M XP
1400 Attack points 16K Spins
1000 Attack points 1.7M XP
2400 Attack points 30K Spins
1200 Attack points 2.5M XP
5500 Attack points 60K Spins

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Coin Master Pink Dimond Tournament.

Pink Dimond Tournament is activated for 14 Hours. and you can one golden card on this tournament. not only that there are several free gifts.

Pink Dimond Tournament is divided into three parts.

  1. attack players village to get Two Pink Diamonds. if an attack were blocked you will get Three Pink Diamonds
  2. Raid other players' villages to gain 4 pink diamonds. if you perform perfect raid you'll get 5 pink diamonds.
  3. Hit Three pink diamond symbols in a slot machine to gain 20 pink diamonds. increase your bet level to gain more from a slot machine.

Top 10 Rewards of Pink Dimond Tournament.

1 10M Coins + 1K Spins + Women’s Day Chest
2 8M Coins + 750 Spins + Women’s Day Chest
3 5M Coins + 500 Spins + Women’s Day Chest
4 3M Coins + 200 Spins + 2K XP
5 100 Spins + 3M Coins + 2K XP
6 70 Spins + 3M Coins + 2K XP
7 50 Spins + 3M Coins + 2K XP
8 50 Spins + 3M Coins + 1K XP
9 35 Spins + 3M Coins + 1K XP
10 35 Spins + 3M Coins + 1K XP

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