Coin Master Golden Cards: 6 ways to get them all

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Golden Cards are extraordinary cards in Coin Master. They are not all uncommon, similar to another cards, but rather you can't exchange them. That is, when there is no gold exchange for that particular card. Thus, you need to discover alternate approaches to get your gold cards to finish your card sets. In this post I disclose to you 6 techniques to get all your missing gold cards.

What is a golden card in Coin Master?

You can perceive a golden card in Coin Master by taking a gander at the line of the card. Ordinary cards have a white boundary, golden cards have a golden (or yellow in the event that you like) line. Where you can exchange ordinary cards, you can't do this with gold cards. Exchanging is restricted, with the exception of gold exchange. Practically all card sets in Coin Master have somewhere around 1 golden card. Most sets have three golden cards. Also, some exist just from golden cards,

6 ways to get your Golden Cards

You can use the 6 strategies below to get all the gold cards you need.

Buy Chests

You can discover gold cards in chests. Since these cards have the most elevated number of stars you'd presumably best purchase the golden chest or supernatural chest. In the event that you purchase the chests during Cards Boom you get half more cards out of you chests!

Play Viking Quest

On the off chance that you play Viking Quest you can get 2 gold cards you need. The principal you get after the sixth mission. In the event that you need a ton of gold cards this is consistently one you need. In the event that you have practically all golds complete than it very well may be one you as of now have. The second golden card you get after the tenth mission. In the event that you don't have all open gold cards total one you don't have. Just special case is in the event that you open the card not long previously or during Viking Quest. NB. You additionally get chests for finishing the missions in Viking Quest. In these chests you might track down your missing gold cards as well!

Trade during the Gold Trade event

During the Gold Trade occasion you can exchange gold cards. Not all, but rather 2 cards chose by Coin Master. You can exchange with your companions or on Facebook gatherings. Know that for some uncommon cards you need to exchange different cards. This can be advantageous however since you can store the card to open it during Set Blast.

Play the extra rewards events in tournaments

During competitions you can win Extra rewards. These prizes are spins and coins more often than not. In any case, Sometimes you can win Golden Cards you actually need. I need to caution you however, it may require a great deal of work to get to the gold.

Win a joker card

If you win a joker card you can take every single card you have opened. If you desperately need a gold card you can choose this. You can win a Joker card from tournaments or from special chests.

Watch out for Free Gifts links

Consistently Coin Master parts with free gift links. In these links you might discover spins and coins. In any case, at times you can play an occasion for 30 minutes. These occasions can be for instance Village Master, Cards blast or Gold Trade. You can utilize these gifts for your potential benefit and have an additional opportunity for your missing gold cards.

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