How to protect village from attacks

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How would we shield the town from assaults? Reply: There are two methods for shielding your town from assaults in Coin Master.

  • Protect the village from attacks with shields or by hatching a rhino.
  • Protect the Queen Master Village with shields

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Protect the town with safeguards, when the player assaults your town, the safeguard will ensure your things naturally and break the interaction.

Protect Coin Master Village by bring forth a rhino

Protect the town by bring forth a rhino. At the point when you don't have any safeguards, the Rhino will have a specific rate opportunity to battle off the attack.

When a rhinoceros opens in Coin Master: After finishing the animal card deck.

At the moment that you click on the association and the game programming message like "You have viably gotten the gift from this association," it infers the association that you have at this point used.

Note: The Rhino has a 10% shot at battling off assaults right away. Utilizing XP Potions to step up the Rhino will build the shot at fighting off attacks.

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